Evalue invests in global venture capital and private equity at all stages. With over two decades of entrepreneurial and investment experience, we partner with exceptional people to create long-term value around the world.
We believe in Power Laws and recognize that most real value creation comes from a few people that are willing to push existing boundaries to new limits. Our mission is to find these extraordinary individuals and empower them to achieve their full potential. Further, we believe in the pursuit of world changing opportunities as well as the teams that make them a reality.
As successful entrepreneurs, we understand the level of determination, drive, and competitiveness that it takes to build a large business. It takes true dedication, a willingness to go off the beaten track, and a vision for something much bigger than oneself.

At Evalue, we invest at all stages in a company’s life.
We take pride in the strength of our network and reputation within the European and American tech sectors and often help our portfolio companies with introductions to commercial partners and, when they’re ready, potential acquirers.
Sustainable growth is as much about preservation as it is about the promise of opportunity. Long-term prosperity is not incidental, but the result of firm decisions, far-sightedness and patience.

To us, real estate is about people. We look for opportunities where we can invest in the long-term betterment of the community, because we understand that property values are ultimately about where people want to live. Our skill is in discovering exceptional undervalued opportunities and leveraging our experience to develop, improve, and create long-term value for everyone.
Prosperity also lies in the preservation of cultural achievements. We believe that art should be protected and upheld for future generations. It is a timeless gift that we pass onto our children to inspire and remind them of those that came before. We invest in art that is worthy of this symbolic inheritance and make it accessible to the future.
The name Falk stands for long-established serial entrepreneurship. It began in 1997 with the founding of one of the first internet companies in Germany – at a time when few believed in the potential of the internet. As time now tells, critics were proved wrong. Ten years later the company merged with its US competitor and was acquired by Google in 2007. What followed was a serial founding of successful businesses, eventually transitioning to venture capital investing throughout the US and Europe.

For the past decade, we have grown and exited many investments on both continents. Our exceptional track record proves that we have a rare ability to identify promising opportunities.

Like so many entrepreneurs, we struggled at first, learned from those early experiences – and then struck gold. Firmly rooted in our humble beginnings, we value the importance of family, art, and community.